Chapters Overview

Chapters play a critical part in carrying out APT's mission to advance the application of technology to the conservation of the built environment. Like APT, the chapters work to encourage, promote, and advance research, training, and the dissemination of information relating to technology and the preservation of buildings, sites, and objects. Chapters also provide local preservation communities opportunities to interact with other professionals in the field through chapter-sponsored social gatherings, tours, and seminars on topics of regional interest.

APT's Board of Directors can authorize new chapters upon the formal petition of four members of APT. APT has prepared a local chapter manual that provides information for running a local chapter of APT.

Contact local chapter representatives or the Website for current chapter events and membership information.

Geographic Distribution of the APT Chapters

For more information, please contact :

Lena Buchinger, Chapters Committee Co-Chair
Claudia Rodriquez, Chapters Committee Co-Chair
Greta Wilhelm, Chapters Committee Co-Chair