The Documentation Committee (TC-Doc) is intended to be a principal forum for consideration of data as it relates to an existing structure or area of land; this will include its management,
collection, use, storage and long term accessibility.TC-Doc is APT’s newest technical committee formed in 2013. It is envisioned for the committee to be of interest to both Providers and Primary users of survey and documentation services. Committee members may include survey and documentation specialists, architects, engineers, archaeologists, managers, conservation specialists and so on. Additionally, the committee is expected to be of interest to professionals in the public sector, private sector and especially academia.

TC-Doc will be a forum used to discuss, address and teach about the current tools and methods used in survey and documentation. The different forms of survey and documentation may include laser and infrared scanning, photogrammetry, photography, hand measurement, urban inventory and mapping, resource survey, and other new and emerging tools or methods being used in the industry. The forum will also review and discuss the industry’s current available software and hardware, and what the current and best practices of the industry are. Current data standards will also be addressed with the intention of establishing and promoting data management best practices and standards for the industry. TC-Doc Topics of Discussion (a working list)

• The survey and gathering of data
• Tools of survey: sensors, photography, scanners, etc.
• Applicable software and hardware
• The emergence of BIM
• GIS and its applications for the preservation community
• Best practices and independent standards
• Review and application of international standards
• Collaboration with other professional institutions
• Compliance with the Secretary of the Interiors Standards
• Inventory of significant historic resources, cities and towns
• The issues of data migration and data storage
• Issues of metadata
• Advisory mechanisms including standards and guidelines
• Education of documentation professionals
• The needs of professionals in the field
• The promotion of research

If you are interested in joining or learning more information about TC-Doc, contact us.

Julia Ausloos-Bedinger, Technical Committee for Documentation Co-Chair

Susan Pommerer, Technical Committee for Documentation Co-Chair

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