Development Committee


  • Develop a long-range fund development plan with a mix of strategies including revenue goals and action plans.
  • Communicate effectively and transparently the goals and objectives of the development plan to the Board and Members of APT.
  • Develop the case for philanthropic support of APT to the Board, potential Donors and the Public.
  • Facilitate and encourage the active involvement of all APT members in our fundraising efforts.


  • To work with the Executive Director, Board and Committee members to review current organizational and committee funding requirements and annual development goals. This may include personal support, active involvement in identifying and asking prospective donors, making personal calls on prospective donors, and thanking donors for their contributions to APT.
  • To educate the APT community about the development program and each person’s role in supporting APT by reviewing the development plan and calendar, being familiar with the different fundraising programs, and being able to articulate the components of the programs to members and prospective donors.
  • To work with outside organizations to develop a committed source of Scholarship funding for student participation at the annual conference.
  • To assist committees and chapters with their fundraising efforts, where feasible (i.e. cosponsor events, assist with identifying new donor and funding opportunities, brainstorm partner fundraising); it is not the duty of this committee to provide all fundraising efforts, but rather, to facilitate them.
  • To oversee and coordinate all fundraising efforts and donor participation to avoid “donor fatigue”; to streamline targeted requests that are effective and efficient.
  • To seek new funding partners, from the public, private and corporate spheres.
  • To monitor and track progress on the fund development plan. Participate in problem solving to address lags in achievement of objectives and targets.
  • To review committee grant applications generated by others.
  • To assure that all donors are respected and recognized in a timely manner.


  • Develop the 2018 Grant Matrix.
  • Develop a comprehensive current and past Conference Sponsors List.
  • Develop committee financial requirements as per Board requests.
  • Set up calls with all committees requiring fundraising or currently receiving funds to facilitate their efforts and maximize their effectiveness.
  • Identify possible corporate funders.
  • Facilitate grant writing process.

Jamie Morris, Development Committee Co-Chair

Kyle Normandin, Development Committee Co-Chair